OCEAN TRADING EUROPE  is a dental supply company based in Spain that opens now its online store to the International market. *

DISTRIBUTORS AND WHOLESALERS of dental and medical products from all over the world will have now direct access to the most complete range of dental products: more than 35,000 references of the major dental brands.

On our website you will find all you need to supply your professional clients: dental offices, prosthesis laboratory, etc.

The team behind OCEAN TRADING EUROPE is backed by decades of experience in the dental industry and over six years of experience in the field of online sales of dental products in Spain and Portugal.

OCEAN TRADING EUROPE also offers you other purchasing options: direct from manufacturer orders, manufacturer’s price list orders, exclusive stock offers…

OCEAN TRADING EUROPE offers you great products and a great service at the best price.

For more information visit our section “Services” or contact us. We are here to help you.

*Exceptions: Portugal and Spain


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