Here you have a short guide of how to do business with OCEAN TRADING EUROPE.
If you have any question or comment do not hesitate to contact us.
Note: Ocean Trading Europe would not process website orders from companies established in Portugal nor Spain

Please, remember that we’ll request you to register before doing any business with us.
To purchase our products, first, you should create your account.
Registration on our website will give you several benefits.
You must do the registration yourself and choose your own user name and password (we don´t provide it).
Once our Sales Department had validated your register, you will be provided access to client-only areas of our website where you’ll see our International rates, current stocks, offers, be able to place your orders, etc.
- After placing an order, you will receive an email confirming its reception. Our team will proceed preparing the order. Once your order is ready, we will send you an email with the details and cost of your shipment.
- Delivery terms: EXWORKS Madrid (Spain)
- Payment terms: Your first orders must be paid in advance, afterwards, and in terms of established business relationship, we can negotiate payment terms.

Once registered on our website we’ll also send you our special offers (Immediate Stock Offers, Special Manufacturer's offers, etc.).
If you are interested in becoming our supplier, please, contact us.
Important requirements:
Expiry date: minimum 22 months
CE Marking Products

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